Every day we should seek for treasure- the treasure that the Lord strews about us abundantly, sometimes in many uexpected places .The mystic, Jean-Pierre De Caussade has said, “The present moment is always flowing with immeasurable riches, far more than you are able to hold.”
My hope in this blog is to display some of the many treasures that God has placed in our lives.In my former blog I often mentioned that while our lives are not perfect, we must always choose what to focus on every moment.
May God grant you the wisdom and grace to live fully every moment, delighting in His infinite treasures.

Here is a little about who we are:
Will is our oldest child. He is 17. He loves anything to do with flying and hopes to be a pilot some day! Will is being homeschooled this year,after attending the local highschool for two years:

John Paul is 15. He is in tenth grade at Buffalo Gap Highschool. He is currently our only child in public school. John Paul loves to be with people. He has a great sense of humor and is quite a good cook!

Ben is almost 14. He is a super athlete, and he is great with the younger children!

Emily (pictured on left with her cousin, Ella) just turned 12. She is just an all-around sweetheart, and my right-hand (wo)man!

Oliver (being hugged) is 10. We are so thankful for dear Oliver, as he was critically ill this past Spring. Thankfully he is well now and back to his mischievous self!

Sam is 8. He loves anything to do with the Army. Sam can usually be found playing soldiers or dressing up as one himself!

Mary Margaret is 6. She loves her baby dolls, and she can usually be found playing with Tommy, Anna, and Emily:

Tommy, 4, is always full of life. He keeps us all in stitches with the funny things he says:

And here is Anna, the baby of the family. She will be 3 in December, which seems impossible to believe!

2 Responses to About

  1. Oh Eileen..I’ve so enjoyed catching up with you and your beautiful family. I have such fond memories of you in the early days of Steve’s military career. I look forward to visiting your blog more often. Love and good health to you…Pam

    • luckyroy3 says:

      Thanks, Pam! And same to you, really. I love the enthusiasm that you have for being a wife and mother. I feel like despite the years, we are connected on many levels!

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