September is quickly coming to an end. I can’t believe it. Here are some of the things that made me happy this month:

Bountiful Harvest:

Window Color:

Library Treasure:

Elegant Spiders (we watched every day, to and from the beach!):

Bedroom Math:

Toothy Smiles:

Humor: Tommy said, not wanting to wear his “Chuck Taylors”… “Mom, please dont’s say I have to wear my ‘truck-trailers!’

My Bee Man:

and delicious honey…

Ocean Fun:

Brilliant Sunset:

Startling Moon rise:

Read Aloud:

“Mommy, Look What I made For You!” (From Sam):

Grandma’s Science Class:

Old photos rediscovered (Ben helps Emily color- 9 years ago):

A well-loved pup:

And A well-loved girl:

Pyramid Laughter:



He (my fifteen yr old) is still excited about a newly discovered insect…he gets out the camera…

Riverwalks, falling leaves, a gentle rain, my dear friends, Mass together, my new blog, babies on the way (sisters’!), making wine, there is so much … ABUNDANCE!!!
Thank you, Lord!

About The Smithdeal Family

Homeschooling wife and mother to nine wonderful children
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1 Response to Abundance

  1. Eileen- I just love reading about your life! And viewing it through your beautiful photos!! I don’t know how to “follow” your blog on wordpress..so I’ll follow on blogger!

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