The Crow’s Club 2010

We had our annual meeting of the Crow’s Club at the beach. Aunt Maureen, in her characteristic enthusiastic manner, taught the children about ocean life and did some wonderful art projects with the children.

The children painted pictures to place in custom-made mugs. They also used pastels and colored pencils. Some of the children even used decoupage to decorate their mugs. Maureen always encourages the children by reminding them to “remember…there are no mistakes in art!” Each year she makes a nature notebook for the children to complete. She also takes them on the “crow’s club” bike ride, that ALL the children participate in- even Will and John Paul. This year they went Kayaking instead.

Maureen, pictured leaning over the table (above) is an art techer at Free Union Country School in Virginia. They are so blessed to have her for a teacher!

Every year Maureen packs up all of her art supplies and brings them to the beach! The children eagerly await the special “crow’s club” day. While they are all busy with their artwork, Maureen quizes the children about ocean life. It is a magical moment, seeing the children so excited about learning.

About The Smithdeal Family

Homeschooling wife and mother to nine wonderful children
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