Casseroles Like You’ve Never Had Before!

(This cute picture of Tommy and “Mittens” has nothing to do with this post, but I don’t like to post without a picture!)

I love the idea of casseroles, but many casserole recipes call for ingredients I try to keep out of our pantry (creamed soups, canned veggies, etc…).
This book is different! It’s called the Bake Until Bubbly Ultimate Casserole
Tonight I made the Macaroni with ground Lamb. It was delicious. The casseroles are a little extra work, but once they are made, they can be frozen for later use, as with your standard casserole!
I picked up my copy at the library. (Always check your library first!) I plan to keep it out a long time!
Happy Baking!

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Homeschooling wife and mother to nine wonderful children
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5 Responses to Casseroles Like You’ve Never Had Before!

  1. Ma says:

    Great, Bring it to the Beach. I wish i could make a smiley face.

  2. Love your photos Eileen…and just posted a blog with a link to your blog..hope that’s ok. I found a great photo of Steve and Travis and Stephen and John Paul on their bday that I had to share!

  3. luckyroy3 says:

    Thanks, Pam…I’m so honored! Can’t wait to see the picture. i wonder if it’s the same one I found last week that made me want to find you!!!!

  4. Karen Adams says:

    I’m next on the list! I also like to make casseroles from scratch, but have to usually wing it. Would be good to have some fresh ideas.

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